Expert Execution for Unmatched service

The C4 Partners team provides professional, timely services for all our construction development clients, drawing from decades of experience to meet all your project needs with a proven, comprehensive approach. Explore our services in more detail by selecting one of the options below.

Pump Stations & Underground Work

Our specialty construction expertise also extends to pump stations and underground work where we excel in providing clients with timely, quality service for all their project needs.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction

We have the expertise and equipment to deliver high-quality WWTP solutions on every project. Backed by decades of industry experience and access to the Clear Companies family, C4 Partners leads the way in proven results for commercial and residential developers, as well as municipal utility districts.  

Water Plants

With access to an entire fleet of large-scale machinery and field-proven design specialists, our world-class crews are the clear differentiator for expert delivery that meets the specific needs of your project. The Greater Houston Area has its own share of water-related issues rising from devastating storms that affect our neighborhoods. C4 Partners teams with industry experts in engineering firms native to Texas to construct top-quality water plants for generations to come.    

Lift Stations

Lift stations require flawless mechanical completion for timeless results. Our experienced design team and crews work tirelessly to provide clients with reliable service for a dependable end result. Specializing in commercial and residential developments, as well as civil construction projects, C4 Partners works tirelessly to ensure a quality project—on time and on budget.